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cdac exam is a joke

CDAC CCAT 2021 exam is a Joke! students left their job & frustrated

CDAC CCAT 2021 exam is cancelled fully after result We get all this information from one of our follower and a CDAC CCAT appearing...
The two transformer winding are on separate parts of the silicon steel core.

What is Transformer? transformer definition & working principle

What is a Transformer? The working principle of a transformer is as the transformers are static devices that transfer electrical energy from one circuit to...
cdac ccat 2021 exam update

CDAC Institute Region Wise Cutoff Rank 2021

CDAC Institute Region Wise Cutoff 2021 Candidates will be provided ranks based on their performances in Section A, Sections A+B, Sections A+B+C of C-CAT. If a...
electric welding classification

Electric Welding

Electric Welding In many industries, welding is required for joining two or many metal parts with each other. Generally, for any metal fabrication, the welding...
direct arc furnace

Direct Arc Furnace & Indirect Arc Furnace | Electrical engineering

Direct Arc Furnace In direct arc furnace, arc is struck between the electrodes and charge. When the arc is struck between the electrodes, the current passes...