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direct arc furnace

Direct Arc Furnace & Indirect Arc Furnace | Electrical engineering

Direct Arc Furnace In direct arc furnace, arc is struck between the electrodes and charge. When the arc is struck between the electrodes, the current passes...
electric arc furnace

What is Electric Arc furnace & Methods of striking the arc

The electrical energy is utilized to produce the electric arc in the air. When an electric current is passed through the two electrodes at very...
Dielectric heating

Dielectric Heating – principle – advantages – applications

Before understanding the Dielectric Heating you should need to know about Dielectric loss .Dielectric Heating is below Dielectric loss. Dielectric loss The structure of an...
High frequency eddy current heating

High Frequency Eddy Current Heating principle – Advantages – Disadvantages – Applications

High Frequency Eddy Current Heating When current-carrying conductor is wound on the soft iron piece then a circulating current is produced in it by electromagnetic...
Ajax wyatt furnace

Ajax Wyatt Furnace Principle – Advantages – Drawbacks – Applications

Ajax Wyatt Furnace Working Principle Ajax Wyatt furnace is an improved form of direct core type induction furnace. Ajax Wyatt furnace removes all the...