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This section gives you all detailed information about basic electrical engineering which improves your grip on the electrical engineering.

open circuit test and short circuit test

Open and Short Circuit test of transformer – EEE | electrical4u

Question : Discuss Open Circuit (O.C.) and Short Circuit (S.C.) test on a single phase transformer.In transformer open circuit test gives iron losses and...
transformer on load electrical engineering

working of Transformer from no load to full load condition

Transformer On Load Transformer on Load: When the load is connected across secondary terminals, the transformer is loaded and current in transformer flows through the...
ideal transformer and ideal transformer phasor diagram at no load

Ideal Transformer & Actual Transformer: what is it? | electricalTpoint

Q:Explian the various features of an ideal transformer on no load ? ...
shell type transformer electrical engineering single phase transformer electrical engineering singe phase transformer

Core type of transformer | Shell type of transformer & Applications

Transformer Types Here We ll read about core and shell types of transformer Core Type Of TransformerShell Type Of Transformer Core Type Of Transformer In the core...
diagram of single phase transformer diagram

Basic function of Transformer | practical need of Transformer

Q: What is the basic function of transformer ? Why do we need transformer in practice ? Introduction Of Transformer Electrical energy is generated...
power consumed in balanced star and delta connection

Relation between power consumed in a balanced star & delta connection

Q: Show that the power consumed by three identical phase loads connected in delta is equal to three times the power consumed when the...
line current in delta connected 3 load

relationship between line current & phase current for delta connected 3 load

Q: Derive the relationship between line current and phase current for delta connected 3  load when supplied from 3-phase balanced supply. delta Connection As shown in...
Relation between phase voltage & line voltage in case of balanced star connected load

relation between line voltage and phase voltage in balanced star connected load

Q: Derive the relation between phase voltage and line voltage in case of balanced star connected load. ...
star connection

Explain in detail about what is star and delta three phase system ?

Star Connection (Wye connection) The star or Wyc connection of the three alternator windings is shown in Fig. I(a). This configuration is obtained by connecting...
Explain three phase generation of voltage ? electrical engineering

Explain three phase generation of voltage ? electrical engineering

Generation of three-phase voltages Let three coils are placed in a uniform magnetic field. These coils arc placed 1200 apart as shown in the figure....