CDAC 2021 exam is full of GLITCHES! CDAC exam cancel!

January 10 was to be the CDAC 2021 exam, which has been canceled, which is a mistake by CDAC authorities in which many children could not login to the exam that’s why maybe CDAC first day exam is canceled or we can say that CDAC’s exam portal/server is not capable to handle this kind of load over exam time. There are so many questions in a mind we’ll through light on it.

exam exam scam 2021

What is CDAC or CCAT exam


Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is the premier R&D organization of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) for carrying out R&D in IT, Electronics, and associated areas.  Different areas of C-DAC, had originated at different times, many of which came out as a result of the identification of opportunities.

C-DAC has today emerged as a premier R&D organization in IT&E (Information Technologies and Electronics) in the country working on strengthening national technological capabilities in the context of global developments in the field and responding to change in the market need in selected foundation areas.  In that process, C-DAC represents a unique facet working in close junction with MeitY to realize a nation’s policy and pragmatic interventions and initiatives in Information Technology. As an institution for high-end Research and Development (R&D), C-DAC has been at the forefront of the Information Technology (IT) revolution, constantly building capacities in emerging/enabling technologies and innovating and leveraging its expertise, caliber, skill sets to develop and deploy IT products and solutions for different sectors of the economy, as per the mandate of its parent, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India and other stakeholders including funding agencies, collaborators, users, and the market-place. 

CDAC 2021 CCAT exam Cancellation?


As per CDAC the first entrance exam for cdac CCAT-1 was scheduled for January 10, 2021, for admission for various PG diploma courses provided by CDAC than after the result of this exam students are able to get admission in the March 2021 batch. But CCAT-1 is which has been canceled that happened after when first section-A of the exam is solved and submitted by the students by 11:20 am.

But there was big mistakes done in the first day of CCAT by the CDAC exam authorities in the server or in the backend of the exam portal due to that some students got login on time for section-A but some are got logined after 30 min and some students are not able to logined because of that they missed the CDAC exam. So, who is responsible?

That’s the real error because of which so many students was not able to given exam

So now its not over yet here _

source: from student’s registered email address:

CCAT Section A was as per the schedule below:

Exam Date: 10 Jan 2021 

Exam login time: 09:30 AM hrs IST 

CCAT Section B was as per the schedule below:

Exam Date: 10 Jan 2021 

Exam login time: 11:00 AM hrs IST 

Then, after everything of Section-A for students its time to login into section-B which is scheduled At 11:00 AM.

Now see below picture that give you the real idea which is timepassed by CDAC.

ccat exam cdac
cdac ccat section-B 2021
cdac ccat 1

cdac exam ccat paper

Than finally all students received an SMS

source: telegram open group

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