Electric Welding

Electric Welding

In many industries, welding is required for joining two or many metal parts with each other. Generally, for any metal fabrication, the welding process is very important.

The electric welding is the process of heating a material upto the welding temperature with or without pressure alone.

Importance Of Electric Welding

Many of the things we use in our daily life need to be electrically welded.

For example :

  • Our parent’s car.
  • Power line towers.
  • Our school desk.
  • Our bicycle.

Why should we learn to weld?

  • Welding can help build a successful career to earn money to buy the things we want.
  • Skilled Welders arc in high demand.
  • Welding is challenging and high tech.

Advantages of Electric Welding

  • Electric welding is possible here for the precision type of welding.
  • We can do a small spot welding to a large size welding accurately.
  • Electric welding requires less time for welding.
  • Control of current and welding time is more accurate.
  • More homogeneous and uniform welding is obtained.
  • There is no smoke, fumes and it has a noiseless operation.
  • Properties of weld and joining material are the same.
  • Since there is no use of any burning material, therefore, it has a more clean operation.
  • Cost-is very less.
  • It provides design flexibility and can be used anywhere.

Disadvantages Of Electric Welding

  • The initial investment cost is large.
  • Skilled manpower is required.
  • Many times high voltage supply is required.
  • Electric welding machines are very bulky.
  • It often needs internal inspection.

Classification Of electric welding Processes

 The classification of welding on the basis of processes is as follows :

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