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What is Power Factor & Power Triangle With Solved Numerical

The power factor is defined as the ratio of real power to apparent power. As power is transferred along a transmission line, it does...
The two transformer winding are on separate parts of the silicon steel core.

What is Transformer? transformer definition & working principle

What is a Transformer? The working principle of a transformer is as the transformers are static devices that transfer electrical energy from one circuit to...

balance load and unbalance load in 3 phase system (explanation, difference, phasor)

In general three-phase loads are considered either “ balanced load ” and “ unbalanced load ”. A 3 phase circuit is considered a...
line trap wave trap electicaltpoint.com

wave trap | line trap working construction features & use in HV trasmission

Line trap also is known as Wave trap. What it does is trapping the high frequency communication signals sent on the line from the...