Inductance Calculations: Working Formulas and Tables (Dover Books on Electrical Engineering)

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This authoritative compilation of formulas and tables simplifies the design of inductors for electrical engineers. It features a single simple formula for virtually every type of inductor, together with tables from which essential numerical factors may be interpolated. Although compiled in the 1940s, before calculators and computers, this book provides fundamental equations that professionals and practitioners can use to produce algorithms for computer programs and spreadsheets.

Starting with a survey of general principles, it explains circuits with straight filaments; parallel elements of equal length; mutual inductance of unequal parallel filaments and filaments inclined at an angle to each other; and inductance of single-layer coils on rectangular winding forms. Additional topics include the mutual inductance of coaxial circular filaments and of coaxial circular coils; self-inductance of circular coils of rectangular cross section; mutual inductance of solenoid and a coaxial circular filament and coaxial single-layer coils; single-layer coils on cylindrical winding forms; and special types of single-layer coil. An esteemed reference, this volume belongs in the library of every electrical engineer.

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