Kirchhoff’s laws for Magnetic Circuits : flux Law (KFL) & magnetomotive force Law (KML)

This article from magnetic circuit all about Kirchhoff’s flux law (KFL) and Kirchhoff’s magnetomotive force (KML) in the Magnetic Circuits .

Kirchhoff’s Flux Law (KFL)

The total magnetic flux towards a junction is equal to the total magnetic flux away from that junction. This Laws follows from that each line of flux is a closed path. Suppose that magnetic core is shown in fig (a), coil is wound on Limb (L) and current carries (I). Total magnetic flux produced in limb (L) and divided at point P; some flux passes along limb (M) and remaining along limb (N).

Kirchhoff’s Magnetomotive Force (KML)

In a closed path magnetic circuit, the algebraic sum of the product of the magnetic field strength and the length of each part is equal to the resultant magnetomotive force.

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