What is simple parallel AC circuits ? Explanation -electrical engineering

AC Parallel Circuits

Parallel circuits are those in which two or more branches have the same impressed voltage as shown in fig. When calculating the total current taken by a number of paths joined in parallel having the same impressed voltage E, the easiest method is to calculate separately the values of the currents in the various branches and then to sum these values. If, for example the currents drawn by various parallel paths, as shown in fig. arc I1, I2, I3 etc, then the vector sum of the current is the total current drawn by the circuit as a whole.

i.e. I  = I1 + I2 + I3

All the rules, applicable to dc parallel circuits, can equally well be applied to ac parallel circuits with the only difference that the phase angles must be taken into account in the case of ac parallel circuits. If, however, the circuit is more complicated and consists, for example, of a number of parallel paths joined in series with another part of the circuit (whether having other parallel paths or only one single path) as shown in fig. (a) and (b), it becomes necessary to determine the equivalent impedance, just as one has a calculate equivalent resistance of the various parallel paths in the case of a dc circuit.


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